An Impactful Experience

Hey lovely people!

Yesterday was an amazing day for me, I could even call it my best day of 2018. Nothing extravagant happened, it was just a normal Sunday.

My itinerary went a little something like this: Band Practice-> Church -> Holding a Meeting -> Spending time with Friends.

Nothing out of the usual. Towards the end of the day my sweet friends and I went to the mall. A few of us started playing a singing game, which 30 minutes later turned into singing for REAL. Y’all know what I mean. People who were walking by would stop to listen and comment on how lovely it was and how it touched them. Literally everyone had something to say, age didn’t matter, and even nationality didn’t matter.

For some reason that experience made a big impact on me. It really got me to thinking about how the only thing stopping ourselves from going out there and living- is ourselves. People are all around, sometimes even random strangers, that want to hear what we have to say. If we’re so busy waiting for that big experience, the one we’ve always dreamed about, we just might forget how beautiful it is to express ourselves in everyday life.

You’re never too young or too old to go out there and enjoy life. I wouldn’t have thought that people would actually want to hear young folks like us singing our hearts out in the mall. But they did. We were so focused on enjoying what we were doing that it naturally pulled people in. And that’s the way I want to live.

Much love,


18 thoughts on “An Impactful Experience

  1. Yes! This post is wonderful. The little things add up to the big things. The spontaneous things can be just as sweet as those we anticipate. I wonder how much God is waiting for us to find Him in the small details.

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    1. Thanks Julieanne! You’re so right, the little things really do add up to become the big things. It’s a wonderful thing to just let go and search for God in the small and spontaneous things of life.

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  2. What a sweet moment!
    It sounds like you guys should start a choir and do something like that regularly as you had such a good reaction without practice, imagine how moved people would be if you’d all practiced together too!!

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  3. Man… this is absolutely lovely. I’m completely one of those people who has spent way too much time waiting for and fretting over my hoped-for “big moment”, specifically to do with my writing. I’ve spent so much time wanting and wishing to ‘get out there’, and be heard, that I’ve forgotten until recently that my joy of it, when I let myself feel it, will be what gets me where I should be, wherever that is. Thank you for sharing this sweet reminder 🙂 you just made my day ❤

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    1. I am so guilty of doing that as well. It really is easy to get caught up in the grand scheme of things while the in-between moments go overlooked. I’m so, so glad that this resonated with you❤ Best of success with your writing!

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      1. All too true ❤ so here's to letting all the little things count 🙂 thanks so much for the well wishes, wishing you all the success with your writing, right back!

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  4. What a lovely experience for all! It’s not only wonderful when people share something that can make special moments for themselves, but also for others. I’m happy that people stopped to enjoy and appreciate what you and your friends were offering. So often people have tunnel vision and pass by such experiences.

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    1. Most definitely! Some of the best moments are the ones shared with others. I love little reminders like these that really help to slow down and live each day to the fullest 🙂 Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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  5. This is an amazing post. I loved every bit of it. I completely agree with you. We waste so much time waiting for the big things that we miss out on the little ones and truly, when we do things for ourselves, because we derive happiness from them, they would attract people who are genuinely interested and appreciate whatever it is. Awesome post!

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    1. So true! What you said reminds me of the quote, “By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.” It truly is a great way to live. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

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