Hey y’all!

I’m sure most of you are wondering what exactly this #iStandForGirls thing is about. So I’m here to tell you!

Earlier this year I came across a campaign started by Kurandza called #iStandForGirls.

Kurandza is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young girls and women in Mozambique with the basic resources they need to flourish.🌿

In many places, but particularly in Mozambique; girls especially are affected by high drop out rates in their early years of school. This often leaves child marriage as an alternative.

The purpose of #iStandForGirls is to not only raise awareness, but also to make a difference, starting with 100 girls located in the small village of Guijá.

With your help, this campaign will generate enough funds to pay for holistic education and resources for all 100 of those girls.

Let’s be real- it’s 2018. No child should have to sacrifice their future for security, not when we have the ability to do something about it. We CAN change statistics, so let’s start by becoming a part of the solution.


To donate, click here.

Follow Kurandza on I N S T A G R A M

Show your support with the hashtag #iStandForGirls 💪💓

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